Security lockout active, vehicle data mismatch

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2005 Rodeo remote programming

A client came in this week, for us to program a new remote,

we used the Tech2 system to program, we looked under 2005 rodeo there was no car made in that year, The vehicle looked like an RA rodeo,

We found that using the ANTI THEFT SYSTEM with a 2000 model jackeroo, just like the TF rodeo,
you will need to immobiliser code and then you can follow the steps to program remote.

RA Rodeo, remote type for programming

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VT commodore DFI module wiring diagram

it is so often that i look for this i thought it would be easier to find it online the next time i need it
so here it is VT-VX DFI module wiring and harness plug pin outs

Holden Calais VE 2006 Electric Mirrors – Passengers side Mirror Not working

As Vehicle come into Our workshop its always an opportunity to be able to check out a system with the Genuine Scan tool Such As the Tech2.
Under Body Systems there is is a few lines that allow you to check the live data of the centre console switch, which is great to check the function of the switch
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XC Barina ECU Changing – Z14XE MULTEC H

known as Corsa c- these vehicles come from 2001 to 2005holden-barina-xc-z14xe-ecu-swap

Z14xe – Delphi Delco HSFI-2.1 – 1.4l 16vMultec (H) – P1614, P1615, P1616.


  • Vin Codes with XCF08 & XCF68 Spain Built.

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Ts Astra ECU Changing – Z18XE Simtec71

known as Astra G- these vehicles come from 99 to 2005

Z18xe- Simtec71


  • there are 2 main variants z18xe with simtec 71 and a newer version called simtec 71.1
  • after 2003 the fan controller is different, use your Vin and program with GDS to update is the ecu version is wrong, there is no CAN setting for this and you will not find it in the Tech2 or tech2win,


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VE Commodore Series 2 electronic Brake control module ABS light


EBCM Replacement

If the electronic brake control module (EBCM) is replaced, the following procedures must be performed:
EBCM Reprogramming, refer to Service Programming System (SPS).

EBCM Reprogramming

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Commodore ABS part numbers

This week started off as a cracker, had a WK Caprice come in with a Traction control light that was not working, when the button next to the shifter was depressed.

The operation of the VY commodore, when pressing the TRAC button the TRAC OFF should change in the instrument cluster similar to that when pressing the PWR button.

This vehicle did have traction control as the button was present and also the 6 pipes on the ABS pump block where present, but the TRAC button and accelerator retarder did not work, after setting up the Tech2 on to the vehicle, it was found that the Tech2 could not communicate as the coding was wrong, we then set up the scan tool for a commodore V6 and the Tech2 connected we found fault 62 RPM sensor error, checked the RPM and at idle it was 275RPM instead of 650RPM,
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Holden Cruze p2096 bank 1 sensor 2 lean fault


Holden Cruize, 2009, F18D Engine


The vehicle shows a check engine light on the dash board, the fault code is p2096 the description is post catalyst fuel trim system low limit.
the driving technique to make the symptom reoccur is warm up the vehicle so both o2 sensors front and rear are ready to send signal back to PCM, drive for 5 mins and drive to 80 kmh and back off the accelerator this will see that the o2 sensor both reach 0.00v when the vehicle is stopped and back to idle the front o2 sensor will start to cycle again, the rear o2 sensor will be at 0.12v – 0.18v and steady generally the voltage will take a while to rise, back to normal of 0.76v which is in the normal range of operation.

after this the check engine light will not come on the dash board but the fault code p2096 will be set in the PCM, during the test drive if you clear and carry out the same road test it will also be set again as the issue is still the same. this method of testing was the only way I could reproduce the fault time and time again.


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