Ford Falcon body control modules FG1 & FG2

A vehicle came in this week and BCM replaced with new unit supplied from ford, a local locksmith had carried out key programming and parameter reset, got the vehicle started (cool)

Post starting the vehicle, the vehicle locks did not work correctly and the BCM configuration thought it was a 4wd and a wagon ( no way)
1. the door ajar switch is open when door closed and closed when door open.
so the BCM is wired differently or opposite in the FG2 Compared with the FG1

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VY Commodore – 3 Air con Regasses later and it still leaking.

Commodore as notorious for leaking every where in the A/C system, many times it can be found by green dry leaking oil and giving a witness mark where to find the leak

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Long awaited LDV service resets there has been little information about these vehicles online that’s about to change.
These great cars have come across the seas to our country and now have been a part of us for a while, but the lack of knowledge outside the dealer network and the lack of transparency it’s shocking for a company that wants to get it name out 

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Hyundai Genesis – v6 GDI – relative compression test

Vehicle came in stolen and recovered, and an engine assessment had to be done using E-scan we where able to conduct a relative compression test from one port after removing the fuel pump fuse in the boot fuse box

This is all well and good when the engine goes well and there is no issues we we decided to conduct a fuel trim test to make sure the engine was running good through the rpm range

After this an Astra engine came in on a tow truck after it just stopped on the road, the engine sounded funny when cranking so again a relative compression test was Carried out

Even though the pc told us this was ok I decided to not believe the pc relative compression test as the graph didnt look quite right, out with a spark plug and we found cyl1 – 0 Psi, Cyl2 – 50 Psi, Cyl3 – 0 Psi Cyl4 – 0 Psi

So it just goes to show you go with your guts and do things manually when your guts tells you something, but I learned the differences in the graphs this Astra direct injection engine, had a snapped chain….

And we will know faster next time. Faster at servicing and repairing vehicles in seven hills NSW

This is new vehicle to our workshop and it is always a hard to know what features a vehicle has since most of the time They always come in not working, So does the vehicle have Active Cruise control or Collision Protection or Collision Protection Plus.
There is nothing in the Vehicles Log Books that show the features of the vehicle equipment, it requires you to log online and find out through the manufactures portal.

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Safe to say this turbo has had its day

Safe to say this turbo has had its day


Mazda BT50 – left rear brake light not working.

This is the third Mazda bt50. 2016 model they either come in with tray back style combination rear lamps where the bayonet spring loaded center terminal melts and the bulb does not get any power to the bulb (replacement) tail lamp assembly needed

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Holden Captiva 2011 – P0011 & P0016 intake valve timing issues


Holden Captiva series 2, 2011, 2.4L 4 cylinder engine.


Vehicle came in with check engine light on and complaint was, that the engine was shaking when idling after going for a drive, he left the vehicle sit over night at home drove the next day and no issues after leaving it over night.

Being that the engine light was on the instrument cluster we connected the scan tool and conducted a test drive.

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Ford Mustang 2016 5.0l – air con not cold


Air con not cold when outside temps are over 28degs

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Its Winter Batterys are dropping, come and get yours tested before it fails.