Bosch S+ Battery Range

S-Series is the culmination of 85 years of battery development by the global leader in automotive electrical systems. As advancing technology progressively takes over the vehicle market, Bosch is at the forefront of battery development, engineering solutions to meet the electrical demands of complex systems.

When developing its new technologies, Bosch also designs batteries to power them. All of this innovation has produced the S-Series, a completely maintenance-free range of batteries, supported by truly unrivalled automotive electrical research and development projects.

Bosch stands at the forefront of futuristic battery development, with a network of engineers working throughout the world on specialised electric vehicle batteries and their advanced battery management systems. Tomorrow’s technology is already a reality and Bosch Batteries are the progressive solution for modern workshops. As start-stop systems, hybrids and electric vehicles gain momentum in the market, Bosch is driving the change, fuelled by 125 years of automotive electrical technology

Bosch S3+

Bosch Battery S3: Economic power.
Dependable starting


The Bosch Battery S3 is an economic solution, suitable for a
wide range of passenger vehicles, trucks and other commercial
vehicles with few energy consuming components. It provides
dependable starting power and is maintenance free.



Advantages of the Bosch Battery S3
 Maintenance free
 High performance
 Long service life
 Good, reliable Bosch quality
 Best solution for conversion of conventional
 Economic power supply
 Minimised self discharge rate
 Strong performance against corrosion

Bosch S5+

Bosch Battery S5: Premium energy for
highest performance.

Bosch Battery S5. Specifically
designed with Silver Alloy Technology, the S5 surpasses international standards
set by original equipment manufacturers. Even at extreme temperatures the S5
provides safe and powerful energy supply for highly sophisticated, energy
consuming components.

Advantages of the Bosch Battery S5
 Maintenance-free
 Innovative Bosch Silver Technology
 30% more cold-starting power
 Safe starting also in extreme temperatures
 30% increased service life
 Fulfils and surpasses original equipment
 Dependable supply of power for vehicles with
additional safety features such as ESP and ABS.
 Minimal self-discharge





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All vehicles have batteries installed somewhere in the vehicle.
We supply battery’s to:

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  • 4WD’s
  • Trucks and light commercials
  • Deep cycle battery’s

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