Car Brakes

Do you brakes on the car squeal?
Brakes are a critical safety system of a vehicle. The brake system should be checked at every service and not be interfered with by anybody who does not have the appropriate skills and experience. Brake repairs should only be carried out by a qualified mechanic.

A typical brake service would include:

  • Check disc brake and or drum shoe wear levels
  • Replace front and rear pads/shoes if necessary
  • Inspect brake fluid levels and check braking system components
  • Road test vehicle to check that brakes are operating correctly


Disc Brake Service

Every P & G Motors Brake Service includes high tech on car disc machining ad Off car in some cases, pad replacement (using quality Bosch pads and Rotors), inspection and repacking of front wheel bearings (if applicable), full inspection of hydraulics and a Disc Brake Service report.

Drum Brake Service

Drum Brake Service includes shoe replacement, machining of drums, full system inspection, brake hose inspection cleaning and adjustment of brake components, bearings cleaned, inspected and repacked (if applicable).

Brake Fluid Replacement

Brake Fluid replacement services includes bleeding of the entire system. (Excludes ABS)
Brake fluids shoudl be checked during normal service as the brake fluid is hydroscopic which means the brake fluid absorbs the moisture from the air which lowers the boiling point, and reduces the viscosity, in turn gives you a spongy pedal feel, Not to mention if there is moisture in the brake fluid system your hydraulic lines and callipers can rust away.

Disc Rotor and Drum Machining

P & G Motors can machine disc rotors and Drums, on all vehicles We can Machine brake Rotors on car or off-car as we have state of the art equipment ready to handle your next brake job.


Bosch Brake Pads

Introducing the new Blue Line Bosch Brake pads

Bosch has used its expertise in total braking systems to produce a range of brake pads that offers outstanding performance, long-life and low-noise.  The range also caters to different segments of the market with a three-tiered program that makes fitting the right pads easier.

Blue Line Brake Pds



Bosch Brake Shoes

The Bosch brake range also includes brake shoes for popular applications. Bosch brake shoes are manufactured using high-quality, low-wear friction material that is designed to withstand operating temperatures of more than 350°C. Unlike some common semi-metallic linings, the Bosch material contains no iron which assists in lower rates of wear and more stable friction performance.

Bosch brake shoes offer:

  • Low drum wear
  • Pre-chamfered for easier fitment
  • 1 year/20,000km warranty
  • High market coverage, including shoes for trailers


Bosch Brake Rotors

The Science Behind the Silence
Bosch QuietCast™ Premium Disc Brake Rotors utilize innovative materials that:

  • Ensure the highest quality
  • Prevent rust and corrosion with clear-look coating protection
  • Provide a clean look for today’s open-wheeled vehicles
  • Are 100% balanced for smooth operation
  • Have a factory-engraved edge code and minimum thickness specifications

Ask for Bosch QuietCast™ Premium Disc Brake Rotors With your next brake job.


Bposch Brake disc repalcement


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