Toyota RAV4 – P0171 – system to lean bank 1

This Toyota RAV4 with 2.4l engine was prolonged starting it took extra time to start the vehicle even after 15min switched off, the check engine light was on

Scan data revealed. P0171 system to lean bank 1.

Fuel trim graph

The fuel trim graph shows the fuel system is adding so much fuel to the mixture and can’t add anymore so the ecu report a p0171 code

Our thoughts on this was to run an volumetric efficiency test to prove the air entering the engine is correct and that the ecu is controlling fuel delivery as best as it can

Volumetric efficiency test

The chart shows that the air entering through air mass meter and that calculated air mass is correct.

This can only mean there is something outside the ecu control area that’s is the issue.

Manual checking of the fuel pressure was carried out.

Fuel pressure test


The fuel supply was not what it should be pressure to fuel rail should be 350kpa. We where well short of that

Installing a new fuel pump module

And a retest of fuel pressure shows all is well and that fuel trims are back to normal

Security lockout active, vehicle data mismatch

Here’s what you have to do, this is when radio is the same

Different things to do when changing the type of radio

SPS programming will need to be carried out

But this will make it able to work.

First things first

Get the radio out

After that strip it and gain access to chip

Remove from board and save a dump

Change vin,

Rewrite to chip

Solder back on board

Vin should make it work

Carry out radio fascia programming if need be

Test the system.

Jeep wrangler TJ –

inline 6 cylinder and 2 catalytic converters one cat for cylinders 1,2 & 3 and another for 4,5 & 6

looking at the scan data and running the vehicle on cat efficiency test found a major difference in the first bank and second bank rear 02 sensor readings as follows

we decided to remove the rear 02 sensor on bank 2 and inspect, showing the secondary o2 sensor had a hit mark shows that the cat converter must be damaged, this was quickly realised,
and there is nothing left to do apart from push a camera in the hole and see if the brick is broken.

The inspection found a damaged o2 sensor and a catalytic converter that was mostly missing the internal honeycomb cat,
So what can cuase this to happen surely the fuel trims that wher enot way off cant, if the cat convertor is getting to hot yes sure it can melt, was this cat a partially blocked and hit knocked, out.

This is left to be found out once new cats are installed.




The vehicle came in with one key and can only use the drivers door by turning manual lock

Found instruction on b2425

Tried to access remote programming mode but could not enter the function (beep to confirm in mode – beep to confirm when remote is pressed)

It basically said the body/gem module stuck , go to the unit unplug it and then try to program remotes

Checked fuses through the whole vehicle and was all good

Let the vehicle sit for a while and found the correct program procedure as follows

This time it worked, so we reprogrammed the original and a new flip key,

Using the X-tool we programmed and extra key transponder id63 to the vehicle and now both keys open and close doors and start the vehicle

NOTE – this vehicle even when locking/unlocking with key in door the others will not lock/unlock there also is no button on dash or window switch to lock/unlock all doors like some later model vehicles

E-scan diesel ford territory

After fitting in tank fuel pump

E-scan data – Mazda BK – 2.0l

This vehicle was test driven no fault light every thing working well as far as we could see

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E-scan data – Mitsubishi Lancer CY 2.0L CVT

Air filter was no in correctly in the bottom noisy intake and pending code for rear o2 sensor refitted air filter box and test drive

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T31 M9X -Nissan xtrail escan data idle


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Honda Accord Euro 2012 – Window Relearn procedure

Honda Accord Euro 2012 – Window Relearn Procedure

The auto up function on any of the 4 windows can alter if there has been a repair, a new window regulator and sometimes a battery that has been disconnected for a long time. the symptom is that when the auto up function is pressed the window goes all the way up hits the top and goes back down an inch and a bit, the first thing that should be tested before calibrating or relearning is the pinch function, during the auto up function, put your hand on the window to stop it moving it should bounce down, this will let you know that the circuitry is working, if this function works you are ready to carry out window relearn procedure.

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2005 Rodeo remote programming

A client came in this week, for us to program a new remote,

we used the Tech2 system to program, we looked under 2005 rodeo there was no car made in that year, The vehicle looked like an RA rodeo,

We found that using the ANTI THEFT SYSTEM with a 2000 model jackeroo, just like the TF rodeo,
you will need to immobiliser code and then you can follow the steps to program remote.

RA Rodeo, remote type for programming